Full Service MFF

Magallanes offers a full international logistic service, operating since 1999 and with agents in 150 countries of the world, covering all needs in every foreign trade stage.

Our service contemplates:

  • Handling starting from the Order of Purchase.
  • We Contact the supplier and coordinate the shipment.
  • Preparation and presentation of the Letter of credit to the bank.
  • Registration of billing in the Commercial bank.
  • Monitoring and control of all bank operations.
  • Obtaining Transport Insurance.
  • Submitting and obtaining Import Report.
  • Checking the expedition’s conditions with the shipper.
  • Confirming merchandise delivery at origin with the foreign supplier.
  • Reception, review and analysis of shipping documents
  • Prior authorization procedure for import (SS., SAG., Armed Forces:, etc).
  • Preparation and processing of customs destination.
  • Calculation and application of Provision of funds.
  • Coordination of local transportation and removing cargo from customs warehouses.
  • Arrangements for receiving cargo in the importers designated warehouse.
  • Submitting Letters of Complaint because of damages and
  • or losses.
  • Arranging insurance indemnification.
  • Registering of Coverage in Commercial Bank.

In addition we offer:

  • Complete online information on all your operations.
  • Costing delivery of your operations.
  • Reports on clients request.
  • Online consults on the webpage.
  • Export and import planning and management consultancy.