International freight insurance

Magellanes offers the best insurance service for international freight and logistics, we are direct agents of Assekuransa insurance, company specialized in international trade.

Assekuransa with twenty years of experience is consolidated as a leader in the insurance market of cargo shipments around the world. In Latin America, they are exclusive representatives of Assekuranz Aktiv, a member of the German Aktiv AG, which provides goods and liability policies for freight forwarders and logistics operators.

Automatic issue - Certified mail - General Merchandise

Full Cover   Stranding Cover + Theft

New merchandise loose below deck and all new that is transported in a closed container or under deck

- Air shipment
- Sea and terrestrial shipments.

Certificate issuance, a minimum of US$30


Used merchandise and all that traveling in open CTN (Flat Rack / Open Top / platform) or loose on deck.

- Air shipment.
- Sea and terrestrial shipments.

Certificate issuance, a minimum of: US$ 30


Perishable goods

sea, air and terrestrial shipments

Meat and Fish:

Certificate issuance: a minimum of US$50
Cold chain failure coverage.

- For auto approval of fruits and vegetables, request correspondent rate. .

- If the amount to insure is more than US$ 70,000, a previous consult must be made.

- Placement of disposable thermographs will be requested during transport of the merchandise, Reefer Letter and pre-shipment survey.


Special Conditions
Security Guard will be requested radius of 100 km from Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lima, Peru, Bogota, Colombia; SanPablo, Brazil, San Pedro Saula, Honduras, Mexico City and all ports and / or airports of Mexico, for the following goods - while the insured value exceeds u $ s 40,000 -: Auto parts, tires, perfumes, textiles, clothing and footwear, electronics (audio, video, television), mobile (*) and computer equipment (*).

Cell phones:
- Armed guard shall be provided throughout any land section of any Latin American country except Mexico, in which case the coverage is only from port / airport, or to port / airport.

(*) Cell phones and computers: In case of amounts over US $ s300, 000. - a Pre-Departure Survey at origin, will be required.

- For terrestrial segments (road) in Mexico and Brazil.
- Coverage extend for unprocessed leather and skins.


Important   Personal effects   With prior Consult

Cargo with direct emission is completed with the following observance:

- Credit modality.
- Payment modality with money transfer o check from the USA
- Application of Automatic lock.
- Print Electronic certificate.


Deductible: US$500

Certificate issuance, a minimum of US$100,-

REQUIERED: The valued packing list article by article and signed by the beneficiary.

  - Bulk merchandise, jewelry and artwork.
Uninsurable merchandise
- Arms and ammunition
- Live animals
- plants
- Cigarettes
- Securities