Terms of Brokerage

Any commercial trade agreement must be accredited by a service contract, "Agency Agreement ", duly notarized, and registered with the Chilean Customs Service . This is a Costumes regulatory obligation due to proper responsibility of Declaration of Goods Entry and proper control of the economic agents involved in foreign trade.

Any discrepancy that exceed the allowable limit, in terms of gross weight, + / - 5%, a fine of up to 200% of CIF value/USA will be applied and if the fine exceeds U.S. $ 2000.00, a disclaimer shall be presented by a layer, whose fees are 20% of the total reduced fine, if the disclaimer is accepted , the minimum fees for a defense lawyer of this type of suit, amounts to U.S.$ 250.00.

If the fine is less than USA 2000.00 - defenses and proceedings before Customs, will be able to be carried out by our Office, and the fee amounts to US$ 75.00 plus US$ 35.00 more for each citation to customs court, generally you should consider 3 citations, Notification , presentation of Disclaimer and knowledge of penalty or exemptioni, will depend on the reasons and backgrounds given.

Late submission of the documentation of Cargo Manifest Clarification: All documentation related to ocean shipments, which will be received by Chilean Customs, must be presented with a minimum of 7 working days to the arrival of the ship. If presentation and clarification is done out of the period of time allowed, Customs is empowered to apply a fine up to US$ 50.00 per each shipment not declared. Those kinds bulks of erroneous declaration of minor importance, can be sanctioned and fined. In general terms, a fine of US$ 20.00 to US$ 25.00 can be implemented in this case, due to each erroneous declaration denounced.

Fines due to delay

Whenever the documentation of the shipment is presented before Customs after 5 working days to the arrival of the ship, Customs will fine Magallanes Forwarder Chile SA for each House B / L. This fines will be charged in the consolidated account of the issuing agent. (Fine levels are 15.00 to 30.00 U.S.$ x HB / L).

Fines for weight differences

When one or more House B / L is covered by a Master B / L, the total weight of all HB / L must equal to the total weight of the Master B / L, any difference in weight in the documentswill be a fine to Magallanes Forwarder Chile S. A. Fine will be paid later by the issuing agent..

In case of a difference between the real weight and the weight stated in the H B / L, a fine will cursed equal to the taxes paid, because of the difference in weight.