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Exporters Procedure

The exporter should make contact with the foreign buyer and send him a pro-forma with the features and specifications of the goods, payment ways (against paper, letters of credit, collections, etc..). After being accepted the pro-forma by the buyer payment occurs , after receiving payment confirmation, the shipment instructive, the export mandate and the export invoice in dollars and signed by Internal Taxes, should be sent to Magallanes Forwarder Chile S. A. .

The Bank process starts at the Central Bank, with the registration as an exporter, presenting the export license, and once authorized this report, shipment can be prepared.

The Customs process starts with the reservation of space in the shipping or airline company , scheduling shipment, consolidating the container, if necessary the transfer to the port of shipment to the stacking site , which is done by having the respective shipping order accepted through customs, which must be drawn up by a customs agent, and after customs supervisory review, you can enter, if you have physical valuation , the goods are physically checked, afterward shipment proceeds.

The shipping company must deliver the shipping order fulfilling the B / L numbered and freighted, in order to proceed to cancel the shipping order with the Export Statement. Note: Customs Agency prepares the bills of lading and certificates of origin if required by the purchaser and these certificates are countersigned by the SOFOFA, SAG, or SERNAP,

The operation ends with the delivery of the relevant documents to the corresponding commercial bank, they proceed by sending them to the agent or correspondent bank, also the bank proceeds by paying the return dollars, then the refund request is carried out if appropriate, and also if appropriate the involved VAT refunds by the Treasury (the refund will only occur if the product is not listed on the list of exceptions for refund). The refund is liquidated or reported to the Central Bank of Chile through the commercial bank, within 270 days.

Importers Procedure

The importer must contact the foreign supplier, which through the pro - forma offers the product with the values and description of the merchandise, stating the payment terms (Letter of Credit, Collections, Etc.) and the purchasing conditions, FOB , CIF or CYS.

The Buyer gives his approval , by sending the purchase order and confirming the opening of a Letter of Credit or bank transfer, etc. The process is done through the client┬┤s commercial bank and once approved the letter of credit , it notifies the correspondent foreign bank abroad and they notify the supplier so they can proceed with shipment. All these transactions are done by Magallanes Forwarder Chile S. A.

Customs Process consists of; Port entrance declaration and presentation by EDI to Customs, payment and withdrawal of the merchandise upon previous approved funding for the client. This process can be presented in advance with a Procedure, before the ship or aircraft arrives, so it can be unloaded to the truck, or the normal process according to the importer's instructions, provided that they have the basic documents beforehand.

Customs legislation allows two options regarding the payment of duties: a)Declaration of incoming goods with immediate payment of duties, b) a delayed duty payment with a declaration of Private Warehouse, a system by which the Customs Service allows releasing the goods storing them in the importer's warehouse without paying duties, you can┬┤t use, or consume the merchandise, until canceling the rights of IVA (VAT). This Private Warehouse system sets a deadline of 90 days to cancel the duties, being the first 30 days without payment and from 31 to 90 paying a bank rate interest on the duties owed. During this period it is allowed to make payments to the suspension regime of duties.

The operation ends with coverage in the commercial bank and remittance of any foreign currency send to the exporter.