Agricultural export and import Consulting

We conduct a complete consult on all kinds of Agricultural products destined to any country of the world, we have teams of agronomists and lawyers, experts in national and international law, we offer the complete logistics chain for all kinds of products , we have agents, with expert knowledge in handling, in 150 countries, who will receive your cargo.

- Vegetables to different countries: Phytosanitary requirements established by countries of destination. SAG inspection.
- Vegetables to the U.S.: Pre-shipment SAG-USDA Program . Vegetable Export procedure to the U.S.
- Propagation Material: Export procedure for seeds, plants and bulbs. We obtain phytosanitary and variety certification.
- Wine and alcoholic beverage : Wine and alcoholic beverage export certification.
- Organic products: Certification of organic products (Taiwan and other destinations).
- Official raspberry control : raspberry export chain for orchards, storage facilities and retailers.
- Wood packaging: Phytosanitary measures on wood packaging used in international trade. ISPM No. 15.
- Quarantine: phytosanitary export measures for agricultural products from areas in quarantine because of the fruit fly and the Lobesia botrana or grapevine moth.
- International Affairs: Multilateral Agreements (Internationals; Codex Alimentarius; on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures and Technical Barriers to trade from the WTO) and Bilateral Agreements.